• Kids Bike. MTB Bike.

  • Full loading. Good packing. Quick shipping.

  • Creative. Innovative.Intuitive.

  • Best quality and nice Accessories.

  • Comfort. Healthy. Absorption. Perfume.

  • Tools & Hardwares.

  • Good quality of materials.


The best way to make the business, it's to choose the good quality of the products.

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Beyond the products mentioned in the category of production, we have other services for our customers.

Food products and drinks

We also provide to our customers the sodas juice and fruits juice, the cookies and others foods products in Vietnam.

Cashew nut

We export cashew nut in Turkey, in Vietnam, in India coming from Republic of Guinea. The company possesses more than 5 square kilometers of plantation of tree cashew nut.

Customer Support

We offer our customers during their stays in China an apartment, restoration and to visit the places historic and tourist during 15 days.


Container Booking, Flight Ticket reservation, Train ticket Booking during our customer's stay in China.


Bah Trading Co., Ltd is the fusion of several entities founded in 2003 The company collaborates closely with several factories at Xingtai city, Xinle city, Handan city in Hebei province and other cities as Guangzhou city, Shenzhen city, Quanzhou city, Zhejiang province in China, Ludhiana city in India, Colombo city in Sri Lanka, Istanbul in Turkey, Hô-Chi-Minh-City in Vietnam and Taipei in Taiwan.Our ambition is to satisfy our customers a good service to know the supervision during the production, the inspection after the production and the follow-up of the delivery while guaranteeing the good quality of our products. The company possesses very famous marks to know the mark '' BAH&BARRY '', '' EXCELLENT '', '' TMB Business ''... The company also works in the setting of the environment while applying the international law of the environment. Our slogan is: Work, Confidence, Reliability.


TEL : (+86) 13126413597
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